A medical provider, together with TMA, can provide both store-and-forward and real-time video options for connecting with doctors while at sea.  So whether you have low bandwidth or high bandwidth, your crew will have the best care possible.

Specialist Care

TMA Telemedicine Platform has access to more than 1000 doctors across multiple specialties, so whatever kind of doctor your crew needs, we have you covered.

Emergency Access

TMA Telemedicine Platform offers  rapid access to emergency physicians 24/7

  • Dedicated personnel
  • Quickly identify “true” emergencies
  • Guide treatment while onboard
  • Reduce non-emergent transfers
  • Assist in transfer process

Integrated Maritime Telemedicine Solution

Emergency Specialists

Emergency Specialists TMA Telemedicine Platform offers rapid access to emergency physicians 24/7

Time Saving

Time Saving When time matters most, our modern equipment allows e-mail or “store and forward” of video and other valuable patient data as well as “real time” streaming to bring your crew member.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Avoid unnecessary redirects, and when a crew member must be transferred, TMA Telemedicine Platform will facilitate the connection to major hospitals world-wide and provide off-board support.

Always Online

Always Online Minimum of two emergency physicians available at any time

24/7 Diagnostic Center

24/7 Diagnostic Center Remote physician access (injury, illness, vitals, stroke etc.). Physician guidance of captains for care of crew members.

Visual Equipment

Visual Equipment Visual and diagnostic equipment provides increased accuracy in emergency assessments

Medical Provider

Medical Services around the globe...

Telematic Medical Applications

IT Services from the best... TMA

Telemedicine Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment from the best...

Moderm Medical Equpment

Modern equipment allows e-mail or “store and forward” of video and other valuable patient data as well as “real time” streaming. X-rays and other image files ECG Blood labs Vital signs Spirometry Many More


Telemedicine Management Systems

Complete functionality in all the types of Telecommunications Networks (SATELITE, 3G, GPRS, PSTN, IP, ISDN, WiFi and other.) Training and Support Worldwide for all products

  • To meet or exceed all recent International Maritime Organization mandates
  • Minimize spread of disease onboard confined quarters of sea bound vessel
  • Diagnose and treat minor injury or illness quickly
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Provide physician guidance in care of crew
  • Schedule follow-up appointments when necessary
  • Reduce impact of injury and illness to company and crew
  • Improve “skilled” crew member retention and recruiting

Telemedicine Defined

Years ago telehealth amounted to contacting a physician over the phone. Today, it generally refers to consulting with a physician by way of video conferencing. Modern equipment allows the “real time” streaming of video to accompany the transfer of valuable patient data, including EKG, acquired images, and vital signs which allow the physician to conduct a TRUE patient assessment.


TMA Telemedicine Platform helps you keep your most valuable assets in the places you need them the most

  • Reduce medical transportation costs
  • Minimize OSHA recordables
  • Minimize lost time incidents



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